Ward Thomas’s latest album ‘Cart Wheels‘ releases on the 2nd September which is just around the corner. After picking up a major record deal being signed to the music powerhouse of WTW Music / Sony Music their upcoming album has raised the bar for this Country Duo.

Their debut Album ‘From Where We Stand’ was one which incorporated real passion and soul. They did well in creating something that was both original and unique. Their sound was something that made both Catherine and Lizzy Thomas staple names on the UK country music circuit.

With their first single release of ‘Carry You Home’ from ‘Cart Wheels’, you can immediately hear the transformation. They have developed on what made them something special. Their personality and their deliverance have improved greatly, as its highlighted in their evolution. ‘Carry You Home’ is testament to what feels like could be one of the highlight albums of 2016, not just on the country scene. I look forward to posting a review of ‘Cart Wheels as soon as it releases.

  • You can catch Ward Thomas’s full interview with Amazon Music by clicking here.


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