Pentatonix has grown to be one of the most talented Acapella groups on the planet. They’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and have sold millions of records having achieved success on a global stage. The group have achieved so much in the past five years reaching feats that many aspire to.

The human voice is something you hear on a daily basis, but they have managed to utilise it to such an extent to cover a broad range of genres leading to many moments of thought: “how is that even possible?” They redefined the Acapella scene and brought it to the centre stage once again. Having released 5 Studio Albums, 4 EPs, and 9 Singles they continue to push the limits and produce exceptional pieces of music.

This weeks song of the week is their cover of “Can’t Hold US’ by Macklemore & Rylan Lewis. Their rendition of the song demonstrated their unprecedented talent even three years ago when they were releasing their third EP. Their evolution through the years is one that’s already seen ‘tight vocals’ and ‘harmonised’ performances reach even greater heights.

What was once a heavily Pop dated industry has turned into something that has become diverse and mature leading to the rise of artists such as PTX. In 2012 the world was greeted to a breath of fresh air in this five piece Acapella group. Five years later we have five talented individuals whose careers have only just begun as there’s still a lot come from Pentatonix in the years ahead.


Please Note The Featured Image Copyright Belongs To: Ralph Arvesen (Flickr).

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