The impactful voice of Tom Chaplin is one that puts soul, grit and raw emotion at the very core leaving you emotionally exposed as each note tugs at your very center. As hairs begin to stand, you are left with a sense of wonder as a connection with life and Tom has been made lyrically as you’re both brought together under the sheer awe of music.

Keane may be on a break, but Tom is an artist who can stand confidently on his own two feet encaptivating audiences globally through exceptional releases as ‘Still Waiting’ and ‘Hardened Heart.’ With his debut solo album, ‘The Wave’ reaching the top five in both the UK and Scottish album charts collectively there is still a quantifiable demand for Tom Chaplin on a global stage. ‘The Wave’ as a debut solo release is one that could comfortably endure the tests of time.

Tom Chaplin is set to be carried by the waves as he goes on tour in early 2017 performing at venues in both the UK, Europe and North America. With dates already selling out, the ‘Carried By The Wave Tour’ is one that you don’t want to miss out on as with an artist such as Tom Chaplin you know you’re in for a real evening full of wonderment and elation.

For tour dates and information please click here.

Please Note The Featured Image Copyright Of Tom Chaplin Belongs To: Aleksander Remec / Flickr

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