Since King King’s first studio album release in 2011 with ‘Take My Hand’ they’ve been redefining the Blues and Rock Genre on a global stage. With several industry awards including, the best British Blues Band for three consecutive years putting them in the Blues Hall Of Fame.

Fronted by the distinctive kilt wearing Alan Nimmo comes a band full of immense talent with tight riffs and equally binding music harmonies that showcases the true nature of Rock in Blues Rock. After being hooked by the sound of Paul Rogers and the tone of Kossoff’s guitar from ‘Free’ little did Alan know his rise to the British Blues Hall Of Fame had just begun.

Within an ever-changing world of Music, King King have remained very much at the forefront of a genre that’s popularity is rapidly increasing. From both the stage to the recording studio, the bands’ meticulousness prior to and during their performances shines through when plucked guitars, beating drums and voiceboxes create a memorable end piece. Each band member, Alan Nimmo, Lindsay Coulson, Bob Fridzema and Wayne Proctor highlight the skillfulness and chemistry that’s helping to make King King a true household staple in the Blues Rock genre.

You can catch King King on tour in early 2017. For tour information and dates please click here.

To listen to the full interview I conducted with King King’s Alan Nimmo earlier in the year click here.

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