Complete silence fell on the audience as out stepped a truly remarkable artist. Birdy brought passion and flair causing a performance that was like no other. Euphoria, sadness and happiness each emotion surfaced, there was no depth to great to hide from such dynamism.

The stage was Birdy’s and hers alone. Every lyric sang and note plucked had such power and raw emotion that captivated the audience endlessly even until the last minute. Nothing felt out of place, the entire set was a marvel to witness as such there was no particular highlight. It was all surreal.

Although Birdy’s stage presence is undoubtedly brilliant, her band play a huge part in making each beat that more enjoyable. Their presence on stage notably during her mashup of ‘Silhouette’ created a real sense of musical harmony as you could see it in their eyes that they were in their comfort zone.

Dan Owen who kick-started the evening later joined Birdy back on stage as they came together to perform a duet of “Let It All Go.” There certainly wasn’t anything to let go from that rendition as musically it was again brilliant. Both artists kept the audience in full swing leading to a well deserved round of an applause.

Birdy is one of a few. Her songs speak to the hearts of many, giving confidence in the darkest of hours. This is backed up in her delivery as after every turn you’re left with wanting so much more. She makes everything seem effortless, but that just goes to show how much hard work is achieved behind the scenes. From the incredible song writing and lyrical composition to the captivating end performance there’s nothing that she can’t do.

You can find out more about Birdy and her music by clicking here.


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