It’s been well over a year since we last spoke, how have you been? And how’s the music progressed since then?

“I’ve learned so much from co-writing in Nashville. Different techniques, different chords, different ways of introducing the same concept.  My music has definitely changed as a result – for the better!”

You’ve been opening up from some quite significant Country Artists such as Diamond Rio? How has that felt and what’s the first thing that’s come to your mind?

“I owe a big debt of gratitude to artists like Diamond Rio who let me open for them and allow me to be exposed to their fans. First thing that comes to mind? I hope they like me! (And if they don’t, I’ll make them). Just kidding!  (But not).”

With all the touring this year, how have the crowds reacted to your music?

“It’s funny because certain songs that I don’t think are as good as others that I’ve written get a bigger reaction from the crowd than my favorites. You never know what people are going through or what they are going to relate to. “Boomerang” has been a big hit, which I wrote with Paul Jefferson.”

You’ve also had quite the year when it comes to songwriting. Have you seen more of an influence from personal experiences in your development as an artist when it comes to putting pen to paper?

“I am more careful when choosing lyrics now, for sure.  Every time I write, I now think – does that line represent me as an artist? What does it say about me as a person?  Do I believe that line?”

I don’t want to curse or sing about drinking. I don’t drive a truck. Some things never change haha!”

Like mother like Daugther you’ve also both written an original piece for the Bates Motel, what was the original incentive to write it? Has there been any update on if you’ll be able to get aired, or is it all a secret?

“We were both really inspired by the show and Vera Farmiga’s performance as Norma Bates, so I wanted to honor that in the only way I know how – with music. No updates yet – Kerry Ehrin and Vera have both seen the Youtube video, so now we just have to wait!”

How does it feel to be nominated to be a finalist at this year’s PHL LIVE?

“INCREDIBLE. The two previous years I sent in a submission and wasn’t chosen.  This year, not only am I a finalist, but I am also the all-genre People’s Choice winner. So grateful to everyone for voting and believing in me to help me get there.”

What’s your go to highlight of the year so far?

“Honestly just being able to live in Nashville and write with people whose songs I have played over and over on my iPod is a huge highlight for me. I also now count those same writers as friends, which is equally mind-blowing.”

What have you got planned for December and onwards?

“Taking a break for Christmas.  Still playing hometown gigs, still writing.  Read more books, play more video games, eat more food, world domination.”

Have you got any new music down the pipeline?

“It is definitely my goal to release new music in 2017! Picking out my favorites as I type this.”

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

“Surprises. Here’s hoping 2017 is the best, biggest year yet!”

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